Writing Experience

This novel defines the Supernatural Thriller; grounded in realism, taking the reader to a terrifying place beyond the realm of Natural Law. Bravo."
— Gore Vidal
Sharp language, well-painted imagery and believable characters combine for an enthralling story leaving readers begging for more."
—Kirkus Reviews
“The Exorcist meets The Social Network in this imaginative, well-written story by film director Hubert de La Bouillerie, involving evil, politics, technology and historical conspiracy. The book is fast paced and written with gusto!"
—Blue Ink Reviews

 Love And Evil Book I

Novel, Feature, Pilot, GraphicN, Game

Novel, Self  published to critical acclaim- Now ready for real publishing Company
Feature film script complete
Cable series bible and pilot complete
Digital game designed + Graphic Novel designed with Doug TenNapel

Love With All The Trimmings

Modern day Romantic Comedy. Budget and breakdown ready. 

Kiss My Ass

A blast of a ride "Mister and Misses Smith" on steroids. 


PAPPY - THE LIFE OF JOHN FORD.  Tough, loving and about one of the great film makers of America. The good the bad and the ugly, it's riveting and a look at hollywood fascinating beginnings,


A MESSAGE FROM WHITEY  A tale like" Being There" A story of love found in a world of hatred and violence. Unique,  fun and street driven, music pounding the beat of the modern city.


WHERE PEACE LIVES Based on the Best Selling book . The story of a  young girl who must save the world by saving Angel Peace in her dream world. Will be one of the great movies of all time. It will grab your heart and take you on adventure like no other.