Directing Experience

Hubert has directed me on two occasions. Both times, I felt embraced by brilliance, both visually and emotionally."
Carl Reiner
Hubert is a master storyteller. That’s all that needs to be said."
Robert Loggia
Hubert gave me the space and guidance to dig deep and deliver."
—Amanda Plummer
Hubert directed me in two movies. The result was terrific."
Laura San Giacomo
Hubert’s a trip. A good one!"
Sandra Bernhard
Hubert’s the only guy in town I’d put on a dog suit for."
—George Segal

Boston Legal

James Spader, William Shatner,
Candace Bergen, guest star: Carl Reiner

The Right To Remain Silent

Patrick Dempsey, Laura San Giacomo,
Carl Reiner, Fisher Stevens, Robert Loggia,
Leah Thompson, Christopher Lloyd,
Amanda Plummer, LL Cool J

The Apocalypse

Sandra Bernhard, Laura San Giacomo,
Cameron Dye, Matt McCoy

Dead Men Can’t Dance 

Michael Biehn, Adrian Paul, Kathleen York,
Grace Zabriskie

Boner the Dog

George Segal