Hubert's Story

With roots and creative sensibilities in both America and France, director/writer Hubert de La Bouillerie first burst on the film scene as an editor, quickly becoming one of the most sought after talents in Hollywood. He cut over 30 top feature films and 20 major television projects, many for Warner Brothers where he enjoyed a strong collaborative relationship with the studios Chairman and President,  Bob Daly and Terry Semel, and their top producers including Peter Guber and Jon Peters. 

Hubert’s illustrious editorial credits range from "The Witches Of Eastwick", (George Miller director/Warners), "Woodstock"(Warners), "Other Peoples Money"(Norman Jewison director/ Warners), "Tango and Cash"(Warners), "Police Academy Five and Six" (Warners), "The Harvest"(Columbia), "Graffiti Bridge"(Warners), “Celtic Pride" (Disney/Caravan pictures), "Blank Check"(Disney), "Mo’ Money" (Columbia), "State Of Emergency" for HBO, and the miniseries "Roots: The Next Generation”. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for a short film entitled “12:01” that later became the basis for the film “Ground Hog Day”.


Hubert then turned his focus and experience to directing and writing. His directing accomplishments include, "The Right To Remain Silent", which enjoyed tremendous notoriety for Showtime, winning the prestigious Cable Ace Award for Amanda Plummer’s performance. It starred Lea Thompson, Robert Loggia, LL Cool J, Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Plummer, Judge Reinhold, Carl Reiner, Fisher Stevens, Christopher Lloyd and LauraSan Giacomo,  becoming one of Showtime’s most aired films. 

"The  Apocalypse", starring Sandra Bernhard, Matt Mccoy, Cameron Dye, and Laura San Giacomo came next for the Sci Fi Channel. Again, it became one of the channels top performers.  De La Bouillerie followed with "Rangers", starring Michael Biehn and Adrian Paul. De La Bouillerie was engaged to fly to the Phillipines, replace the director and rescue the film. He shot its major action sequences in under six weeks enabling the film to be completed, cut and successfully released.

“Rangers” was succeeded  by an internet pilot, “Boner The Dog”, created by notable comedy writer Bob Klane, (“Where’s Papa?”).“Boner” starred the one and only George Segal as a dog that has attitude, including political, about everything. His dog suit was crafted by legendary designer Theodora Van Runkel.

Hubert has also directed David Kelley’s acclaimed television series, “Boston Legal” starring James Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, and Rene Auberjenois. Based on their prior relationship. Hubert was able to convince Carl Reiner to join the episode. Carl’s performance became one of the most lauded of the season.

As a writer Hubert has written, “Of Love And Evil; The Birth", an epic love story,  (just novelized), “Love With All The Trimmings”, a romance with comedy, “Print The Legend” on the life of director John Ford, “Stairway To Heaven", a tale of love, revenge and redemption,  “Kiss My Ass”, a wild romantic comedy and “Boner the dog” with acclaimed comedy writer, Bob Klane.